Hospitality Hotspot Solution

Improve guest service quality and gain maximum revenue with Hospitality Internet Access Controller

The aim of the hospitality industry is always to offer best-in-class services for the guests visiting the hotel. They always run an extra mile to achieve the satisfaction of the guests and fulfill the demands of the guests, which makes them most chose destination for hospitality. Moreover, it is observed that properties like hotels, malls, resorts, restaurants and motels are becoming popular destination of choice for travelers and visitors needing instant access to Internet, to be connected with family, office, business etc. Internet availability in the property is a basic amenity in the guest’s check list. Hoteliers are in need of comprehensive solution that manages uninterrupted high speed internet facility, fair distribution of bandwidth, pre-integrated system with hotel PMS, and unified billing system, to offer smooth Wi-Fi/ wired Internet services to guests for meetings, conferences, seminars, events etc.

24online hospitality solution – Access Controller, offers the most comprehensive and unified billing as well as bandwidth management solution for chain of hotels and hotspots as well as other outlets for internet access. 24online hospitality solution supports different hotel & hotspots networks like, Wired, WiMAX and Wi-Fi. 24online access controller offers every feature that is required by hotels and hotspots for access control, user management, AAA, billing, service management etc. 24online access controller is smart enough to restrict unauthenticated traffic from accessing the internal network, and allow only authenticated traffic to surf the internet. 24online solution is fully compliant with the security policies laid by the government bodies in India (source). 24online access controller is ideally offered as stand-alone solution with loaded features, but it also offers the flexibility to be integrated with third party systems, offering freedom to hoteliers for providing one-step-ahead services for their guests.

Hotel Internet Billing Solution

24online’s hotel internet management solution integrates seamlessly with hotel PMS – Property Management System – allowing hotels to integrate Internet charges to the common user invoice. 24online offers comprehensive features to manage hotels with highly user-friendly interface and printable coupons for walk-in guests. Flexible hotel management solution easily accommodates hospitality properties with zero to maximum number of rooms. Ability to manage single and multiple property locations with centralized billing and guest management functions. Clients have the benefit to choose the required appliance from the range of platforms offered, depending on the hotel network. All it requires is just plug-in bandwidth from ISP and it is up and running!

Hotspot Internet Billing Software Solution

24online hotspot internet billing software solution is highly flexible and user-friendly solution for single and chain of hotspots. 24online hotspot billing software of is designed and developed specifically for hotspot segment where users need hourly based plans to surf Internet. The hotspot billing solution helps you to create different types of time and usage based internet plans which can be further attached with prepaid coupons for your users. The hotspot billing solution helps you to define the maximum and minimum bandwidth for each internet plan, with a rate tag. All you have to do is setup your network, and fit the 24online hotspot internet billing solution in your network and it is up and running to provide you a safe and secured network with accurate billing. The extensive reports further help maintain audit trails, prevent revenue leakage, and offer a flexible and dependable service.

Restaurants Internet Billing Software Solution

Restaurants are one of the most opted places where guests like to surf internet and stay connected to their office or family. Internet in restaurant is one of the key factor which helps in achieving the satisfaction and loyalty of the guest. 24online offers the most cost-effective solution, especially designed and developed to cater the needs of coffee cafes and restaurants. It offers various options to manage your bandwidth efficiently and maintain authenticity of the changing user base in the restaurants. It also offers innovative methods for revenue generation like creating prepaid coupons, facility to receive online payments etc. 24online can be deployed in single or chain of restaurants at different locations and managed centrally.

Airports Internet Billing and Bandwidth Manager

24online billing and bandwidth manager for airports, help you with comprehensive bandwidth shaping, access control, revenue generating services etc., all-in-one solution for travelers visiting the airport. Airport network these days require highly secured solution like 24online which allows only authenticated traffic to access the network. Users are equally reserved to easily share their personal information like credit card details or personal identity numbers on web, for which 24online offers pre-paid coupon facility in printable format with username and password as well as pre-integrated solution with secured payment gateways. 24online can be installed and managed in single or multi-airport locations with centralized billing or bandwidth management in any network like Wi-Fi, Wired, WiMAX, DSL/ADSL etc.

Cyber Cafes Chains

Internet cafes and restaurants are also becoming prime spot for internet access for customers, and additional revenue platforms for these locations. With these add-on services, customers not only tend to stay for more time but also purchase more. 24online solution not only offers comprehensive internet management features but also facilitates promotional and advertising features by which café-restaurant chains can market new offers to their customers and generate more revenue.

24online comprehensive HIA solution is offered in appliance based form for robust and reliable performance to offer uninterrupted internet services and uncompromised service quality to customers. 24online is highly cost-efficient and scalable solution offering variety of features to meet the needs of hotels and hotspots properties.

Internet Billing Solution for Resorts

Resorts, bars and pubs are facing increasing demand of internet by guests and visitors to stay connected with their friends and families. Having the ability to offers internet services to your guests enables you to attract more guests by offering complimentary free access, printable pre-paid coupons to offer guests and generate revenue for internet service, increase your user base with increasing visitors, and offer improved quality of service. 24online is a highly flexible and plug-n-play solution which can be easily deployed and managed. Its highly user-friendly GUI allows you to easily create and configure different internet plans as per your user requirement. 24online allows only authenticated traffic to access your network and avoid malicious threats to your network. 24online is highly cost-effective and ideal solution for resorts, bars, pubs, and cafes.

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