Hotspot Solutions

Each Inc Solutions Hotspot system is configured to work in exactly the way that you want it to. With solutions ranging from five to many hundreds of access points we can provide wireless internet access to virtually any environment. Inc Solutions has provided consultancy to many companies and deployed hotspots in many areas where only the most reliable and high quality systems would be acceptable.

Key Benefits

  • 100% Retained Revenue
  • Fully Customised Tailor Made Solutions
  • Full Support Package with Training, Helpline and Marketing Support
Wireless Hotspot

Our installation engineers provide a complete service of project management ensuring that your wireless system integrates with existing systems and works exactly as specified. Installing a large scale wireless network involves many skills and a solid understanding of networking, security and wireless propagation. When you choose a Inc Solutions Hotspot solution we will perform a comprehensive site survey of your premises and a project plan detailing everything that needs to happen in order for your implementation to be a success. Installing a high quality wireless solution is not simple, so call the experts.

Inc Solutions Hotspot Solutions are available in various categories

  • Lite – Starter Pack for Instant Hotspot
  • Business – 100% Flexibility, Customisation and Higher Coverage
  • Enterprise – Value addition for larger installation, a fully customised and feature rich system

In order to learn more about our capabilities we welcome the opportunity to arrange for you to speak with our customers. Don’t just take our word for it, ask the people who use our products and services every day.

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