Government and Municipality Offices

Internet is the prime need of everyone, in professional as well as personal life. Internet has given the advanced platform of fastest communication methods for enterprises and business houses, which has increased their productivity, efficiency as well as economic growth. Internet access at enterprises is not only a need but necessity as high profile clients, partners, employees, guests, and visitors, customers etc can securely utilize the wired or wireless (Wi-Fi) infrastructure and share their information. At the same time, allowing access to the internal network of the government offices to anyone and everyone is like welcoming malicious threats to the network. Multi-vendor support for laying complete network for internet access and security also results into highly costly deal. So, government offices and municipality offices are in dire need of a comprehensive solution that offers secured network, bandwidth restriction, user access control and uninterrupted internet access.

24online billing and bandwidth management solution is designed and developed to cater the needs of corporate, government offices, municipality offices, residential estates etc. 24online is highly cost-efficient solution with advanced features that allows only authenticated traffic to your network. 24online is comprehensive solution that offers bandwidth management and control, user access management and control, authentication and authorization system and many more features that enable government offices, safely and securely manage their internet and intranet services for their home offices to branch offices. 24online also supports centralized authentication and bandwidth management support for multiple branch offices network.

24online Bandwidth Manager

24online provides stellar bandwidth management function, which allows bandwidth allocation. Further, it helps control the misuse of bandwidth by providing variable bandwidth; enterprises can use this facility to allocate higher bandwidth according to users or time. For e.g. Government offices can set a higher bandwidth connection for the senior management in the staff and fairly distributed bandwidth for employees. 24online facilitates seamless roaming for employees to roam from wired to wireless network with its advanced login once feature. 24online also offers leased line user creation by which employees are benefited by continuous access without authentication restriction. The offices can thus control costs and save revenue leakage.

24online User Session and Access Control

24online also meets the stringent requirements of the authentication mechanism within government offices. The inbuilt RADIUS server and access controller ensures Authentication/Authorization/Accounting (AAA) and help enterprises manage users through captive portal gateways and allow access only on authentication of user id and password. 24online is pre-integrated with well-known user database like LDAP, Active Directory etc., to smoothly communicate with these systems and fetches employees account details as well as eliminates re-creation of complete user base in the system. Its scalability and flexibility feature further ensures multi-property solutions for growing organizations and residential areas with multiple offices and residential areas in different locations under centralized system over Wired, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and Cable Networks.

24online Global Player

24online is a global player in billing and bandwidth management solutions and has an expertise that has been honed over 2400+ installations that extend to 96 cities and 30+ countries across the globe. Its enterprise/ residential billing and bandwidth management solution enables centralized billing and control.

24online is the ideal solution for corporate and enterprises which meets the stringent requirements of the authentication and bandwidth management mechanism in single platform. 24online is highly flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution that helps enterprises manage users through captive portal and allow access only on authentication. Its scalability feature further ensures multi- location solution for growing organizations and residential areas.

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