With evolving technology, Healthcare segment is also tremendously changing, where-in hospitals, clinics; dispensary, medical centers, nursing homes etc are expecting their staff and employees to be mobile and actively adapted with the latest technology. With the help of this facility – patients, doctors, nurses etc can easily share prescription details, email health issues, research about drug details, forward medical history etc. and communicate using the wired or Wi-Fi network laid in the hospitals. And allowing internet access to guests/family members visiting the clinic to see patients at minimal cost becomes an additional revenue generating platform for hospitals. At the same time, access allowed to use the network has to be ensured is secured and safe in compliance with legal and security policies.

24online comprehensive wired and Wi-Fi solution is designed and developed considering the various requirements in hospitality segment. 24online solution effectively manages fair distribution of bandwidth, allow authenticated user traffic and systematic log of user surfing details. 24online is appliances are available in different range by which small healthcare centers and nursing homes can select their choice of solution, according to their user network.

24online Access Controller

24onilne’s access controller is a highly flexible healthcare solution offering important functionality of user access control using policy control with AAA and billing on single platform. The access controller is smart enough to allow only authenticated traffic to access internal network, using username and password. It also facilitates differentiated login page for guests or visitors and patients. Management can also control user access using the printable walk-in coupons with user id and password which adds a revenue generating platform to hospitals and clinics. 24online access controller facilitates you to add different categories of rooms in hospitals, and facilitates you to provide internet access accordingly. 24online is enables fast track and cost-effective Wi-Fi network roll-out at single or multiple hospital locations with full control over network access, management of users and bandwidth resource.

24online Bandwidth Manager

24onilne’s bandwidth management solution allows bandwidth allocation, bandwidth capping – strict and committed bandwidth with full control over network access, high connectivity and management of users. 24onilne’s solution offers different types of package and management facilities, which helps in offering different plans for guests and employees within hospital. With the help of this facility management can offer different hourly packages to guests, and continuous internet access to staff, doctors, nurses and employees. The extensive reports further help maintain audit trails, prevent revenue leakage, and offer flexible services.

24online Integration Solution

24online is offered in appliance based solution which can be easily installed and deployed in the hospital network without interrupting the exiting setup. 24online is integrated with its existing solutions and also offers the flexibility to be integrated with any third party system for offering advanced services. 24online’s solution is integrated with well-know SMS gateways and Payment gateways enabling hospitals to provide SMS alerts to patients, doctors, employees etc and facility to receive online payment for the internet surfing service. 24online’s pre-integrated solution easily communicates with well-known database like LDAP and active directory to fetch user details, avoid re-creation of users in the system.

24onilne’s solution is a comprehensive, cost effective, highly scalable and reliable solution that meets the needs of healthcare segment with real-time user control, pre-paid billing and policy control. It also offers a variety of features that provide network safety, bandwidth management, extensive reporting, audit trail and multi-property centralized management.

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