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Highly Flexible solution with Bandwidth Control, User Management, RADIUS, AAA and Access Gateway Features

24online offers comprehensive solution for ISPs to offer customized business plans and new revenue generating platform using pre-paid coupons based on hours/days, data usage and discounts. 24online facilitates ISPs to provide internet access on secured networks increasing users’ satisfaction. 24online comprehensive solution allows ISPs to reduce revenue leakages by managing and monitoring franchisees based on their administrative access level. 24online comprehensive solution facilitates ISPs to generate extra revenue by providing branding opportunities to franchisees and third parties as well using its franchisee management and captive portal feature. Ease of revenue sharing allows ISPs to increase partner base using 24online cross zone functionality. ISPs can promote their business as 24online is an industry leading solution supporting Wired, WiMAX, Wi-Fi and VSAT technologies.

24online comprehensive solution for ISP is delivered in robust appliance based form with loaded features like,

Authentication, Authorization & Accounting (AAA):

24online comprehensive solution is available with an inbuilt standard RADIUS server which supports *PPPoE, RADIUS, and SOAP protocols. 24online AAA is designed and developed to support WiMAX, Wi-Fi, Dialup/Broadband, IMS and VoIP with centralize subscriber database and policy management. 24online AAA certainly manages auth entication of subscribers, authorization for appropriate level of service, and reliable accounting based on the usage. 24online AAA provides authorization based on IP and MAC addresses and comprehensive accounting based on time, duration, and usage. 24online AAA is highly flexible solution which is pre-integrated with various third party systems enabling service providers to offer innovative services to their subscribers. 24online AAA is the ideal solution which caters the needs and requirements of service providers and wireless operators with dynamic networks.

Billing Management

24online billing control solution offers prepaid billing and -postpaid billing functions with single invoice facility for multiple services. 24online offers flat, flexible billing packages with peak and off-peak billing supported by pulse-based rating. Internet service providers can offer promotions and discounts as well as launch date; time and usage based packages with carry-forward facilities. It also allows invoices to include service components and to configure it for taxes as well as ancillary charges. 24online billing system empowers service providers with end-to-end solution that can scale to millions of customers rapidly, delivering complex services and maintaining high customer service levels that match the unique requirements of emerging and developed regions.

Bandwidth and QoS Management

24online bandwidth manager provides greenfield operators and existing service providers to implement bandwidth restriction based on subscribers and data usage in addition to quotas on individual or shared basis as well on services like voice, video etc. 24online supports committed bandwidth allocation (CIR) and burstable bandwidth allocation (CBR) offering high quality service to high-valued enterprise customers. Variable bandwidth allocation based on hours/days and data usage supports customized services.

Subscriber Management

The comprehensive feature of 24online subscriber management system facilitates service providers to manage unlimited number of users in a dynamic network with user addition/updation/deletion management functions, user migration facilities and user authentication process. 24online’s subscriber management system is highly flexible solution which is pre-integrated with external database like LDAP, active-directory etc to fetch user details, avoid recreation of users. It enables service providers to easily manage major issues like revenue leakage, user management, user loyalty and analysis of network congestion.

Access Gateway

24online’s comprehensive access gateway acts as the gateway between the RADIUS and the end user. 24online access gateway basically acts as the front end for all user requests and communicates with RADIUS server for catering the authenticating and authorization requests. 24online access gateway also offers in-built DHCP service along with NAT* (Network Address Translation) features that maps dynamic IP addresses to static public IP. With the help of 24online access gateway basic firewall, you can restrict access to certain IP addresses or domain names, or block certain traffic by blocking several kinds of “Denial of Service attacks”. It also prevents any unauthenticated traffic to access the internet network, as all incoming connections from the Internet are restricted using captive portal capabilities.

Captive Portal Capabilities

Captive Portal enables service providers to create different types of login templates in the system. With the help of 24online captive portal features, service providers can create pool wise, zone wise, SSID wise, location wise captive portal for their subscriber base. It helps user login process more attractive with the help of various features provided and offers an advertising platform for increasing market reach.

Role based Multiple Level Administrations

24online provides differential levels of controls through multiple administrator and user level controls. It enables role-based administration and creation of an administration for each zone.

Voucher Management

24online voucher management feature enables service providers to create and manage printable vouchers attached with internet package. 24online facilitates multiple voucher creation, which can be restricted by package or zone. 24online prepaid vouchers enable instant registration and renewal of regular customers. 24online also offers online payment gateway* integration by which subscribers can easily purchase vouchers using the online facility. 24online maintains multiple templates for customization by the provider with branded voucher and coupon printing. 24online voucher management offers new platform of revenue generation, increasing market reach and prevents revenue leakage.

Franchisee Management

24online ensures smooth creation and management of multiple franchisees based on different zones. Each zone can be a network, location or area. And each zone can be managed by an administrator or manager or operator, allowing franchisees to manage their zone-specific subscribers and business channel. 24online offers variety of MIS reports based on franchisees’ business processes offering high level of transparency in operations and as a business-tracking tool. It’s an ideal solution for service providers with multiple operator networks.

24online Payment Tracker

24online has now embedded an additional accounting feature – Payment Tracker. Service providers can easily generate and manage user payment details with the help of this feature. 24online payment tracker enables service providers to feed in payment details of the customers from different zone and POP. It also offers the facility to maintain the various transactions details between different POP and Zone in the network. Admin can generate different type of reports to avail revenue details.

Multiple Gateway Load Balancing & Gateway Fail Over

24online supports multiple ISP links and offers weight based round robin traffic balancing over them. This ensures high-speed connectivity even during peak hours delivering higher service levels to premium customers by diverting them over high speed Internet links. 24online checks gateway status continuously, ensuring immediate failure detection and traffic redirection to working gateways automatically and intelligently.

High Availability

24online supports High Availability feature allowing providers to configure two appliances (cluster) to function as single 24online appliance providing high availability. Thus, in case of failure the auxiliary appliance takes over the primary appliance and processes the entire traffic. This feature helps in avoiding the huge data-loss and providing continuous connection as well as security service reducing downtime in services and to add customer satisfaction.

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