Quintum Tenor AX Series

Quintum Tenor AX Series – Analog VoIP Gateways and Switches

A more intelligent way to implement VoIP

The Tenor AX Series offers:

  • 8, 16, 24 or 48 Analog line and trunk interfaces
  • Up to 48 simultaneous VoIP calls
  • Available in Multi Path or Gateway configurations
  • Support for external Quintum Call Routing Server
  • Support for external Quintum Tenor Monitor
  • Support for external Remote Management Session Server
  • Transparent Multi Path Call Routing
  • Answer and Disconnect Supervision
  • IVR/RADIUS AAA compliant (Multilingual IVR)
  • SelectNet™ provides superior voice quality
  • Integrated H.323 gatekeeper and SIP B2BUA for Survivability

The Quintum® Tenor® AX Series gives businesses with analog voice infrastructures an easy, cost-effective way to capitalize on the power of Voice over IP (VoIP). The Tenor integrates a gateway, a gatekeeper, and intelligent call routing, and supports QoS all in one solution. With its Multi Path architecture, the Tenor connects to the data network through a 10/100 Ethernet interface, the voice network through either a PBX or phone, and the public switched telephone network.

Patented SelectNet™ Technology assures high quality voice.

The Tenor employs its patented SelectNet™ Technology to monitor calls for jitter, packet loss, and latency, and can transparently switch mid-call to the voice network whenever conditions demand.

More intelligence means greater flexibility.

With its Multi Path Call Routing, the Tenor can intelligently route calls between the PBX, the PSTN, and the IP network to achieve the best combination of cost and quality. The Tenor can also route calls over IP to reduce costs, and then transparently “hop off” to the PSTN, to reach off-net locations. No other VoIP solution can match this flexibility.

More intelligence means easier installation.

With its Multi Path architecture, the Tenor is the only VoIP solution that can be installed without upgrades to the existing voice or data networks. Tenor connects to the data network through a 10/100 Ethernet interface, and to the enterprise and public voice network through a T1, E1, or PRI interface.

More intelligence means greater reliability.

The Tenor is designed to pass calls through to the existing voice network in the event of system malfunction – even a total power failure.

More intelligence means less network congestion.

With its Packet Saver™ Technology, the Tenor reduces bandwidth consumption up to 57%, by combining voice packets from several calls into a single packet to minimize bandwidth requirements.

More intelligence means better management

The Tenor comes with a set of easy-to-use configuration and management tools, including Tenor Configuration Manager (GUI) and Wizard, and the Tenor Monitor that offers real time monitoring of alarms, call status and CDR’s. Tenors can easily be remotely managed behind NAT firewall’s utilizing the Tenor Remote Management Session Server.

The Quintum Tenor AX Series products are as follows:

Quintum Tenor AXG800

Quintum Tenor AXG1600
Quintum Tenor AXG2400
Quintum Tenor-S AXG800
Quintum Tenor-S AXG1600
Quintum Tenor-S AXG2400
Quintum Tenor AXT800
Quintum Tenor AXT1600
Quintum Tenor AXT2400

Quintum Tenor AXT4800
Quintum Tenor-S AXT800
Quintum Tenor-S AXT1600
Quintum Tenor-S AXT2400
Quintum Tenor-S AXT4800
Quintum Tenor AXE800
Quintum Tenor AXE1600
Quintum Tenor AXE2400
Quintum Tenor-S AXE800

Quintum Tenor-S AXE1600
Quintum Tenor-S AXE2400
Quintum Tenor AXM800
Quintum Tenor AXM1600
Quintum Tenor AXM2400
Quintum Tenor-S AXM800
Quintum Tenor-S AXM1600
Quintum Tenor-S AXM2400

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