Wireless Solutions


Inc Solutions Wireless Solutions, a global leader in the provision of competitive solutions for wireless on-site communication to support and optimize mission-critical processes. Our main focus is compounds, hospitals, senior care and independent living – but we are also active in industry, secure establishments, retail and the hotel sector. One specific area where we have established long-term success is within mission-critical communication. These solutions are based on best wireless equipments, our communication platform which links systems with sophisticated mission-critical working processes. Empowering individuals and organizations as a whole, our solutions add value to your daily operations, no matter how complex.


But how is this achieved? In order to create the correct tailor-made solution we acquaint ourselves in detail with your processes, objectives and issues. We then tailor our solution to your requirements. We do so using our flexible platform that unites all the solutions provided, and then integrate them seamlessly with your business processes. As a result this creates optimally efficient, secure and reliable communication. When we have implemented the solution, we ensure – preventively, but also correctively – the continuity of the system. Our solutions are modular, meaning that they grow and adapt to your organization’s requirements, regardless of size or number of locations. By training users to maintain the system under their own management and to continually adapt to the latest developments and requirements, we build an enduring partnership.

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